Nope, it’s not “Again and Again” or “I Hate you” this time. These three hits are more recent ones.

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2PM “True Beastly Idols” a TRIPLE HIT with Heartbeat, Tired of Waiting and Tik-Tok

2PM and Yoon Eun Hye’s Tik-Tok was revealed on the 12th and as soon as the released it has hit #1 on online music sites.

The music site, Monkey 3 recorded that the song was released in the morning of the 12th and by the afternoon it reached #1 by fast tracking records

2PM has made a “Triple Mega Hit” as it has been recorded with “Tired of Waiting”, “Heartbeat” and now “Tik-Tok” as they all have reached #1 on the charts.

Monkey 3’s Activity Studies President*, Lee Jung Gyu revealed that “Project groups and drama OST’s were occupying the charts but this #1 of 2PM’s shows that 2PM’s energy (potential) is still present”

“Tik-Tok” shows a transformed star and way to express a secret love as 2PM shows more appreciation for their mature side and control. Especially as Yoon Eun Hye’s features in this song, it is gaining even more interest.

Also, on the 12th other songs as T-ara, SeeYa and Davichi’s “Wonder Woman”, Kim Nam Gil’s “Can’t I Love You” and GaIn and JoKwon’s “We Fell In Love” were on the charts.