Anyone see the latest movie “Avatar”? It’s been raking in millions of dollars worldwide ever since its release late last year.

What would it look like if ‘Wild idols’ 2PM became a family of Na’vi, character of the movie ‘Avatar’?

The photoshop series, with the title ‘Avatar,’ in Korea’s websites began with singer Bada’s picture put in place of the face of Zoe Saldana, the main character in the movie.

As this picture became really popular, the netizens transformed 2PM members Ok Taecyeon and Jang Wooyoung as an avatar, posting a picture with the title ‘2PM version Okvatar and Jangvatar.’ Okvatar and Jangvatar characters show 3 emotion changes, ‘Normal, Happy, Angry.’

In addition to these, Nickhun, Kara’s Goo Hara, SNSD’s Yuri, other idol members, and United State’s president Obama’s photoshopped pictures continued as if these pictures reflect the movie’s popularity. The netizens posted replies such as “Okvatar and Jangvatar are so funny,” “Goo Hara and Avatar really look alike,” and “Nickvatar (Nickhun) looks like Robert Pattinson.”