2AM Jo Kwon, who has been well known as the ‘entertainment-dol’ on various variety shows, reveals confidently that he is not envious of 2PM’s popularity.

Jo Kwon
was on MBC ‘Golden Fishery – Radio Star’. On January 20th, he talks about the hardship of 8 long years of training before his debut and also his recent popularity on entertainment shows.

The MCs asked Jo Kwon on the show that day, “To tell you the truth, isn’t 2PM from the same company getting more popularity? Aren’t you envious?” And Jo Kwon replied, “I don’t think of it that way at all. These days Jo Kwon is the in thing.”
Jo Kwon added, “I feel that I saved 2AM. And now I’m not envious of 2PM’s popularity.” Even though he shows much confidence in himself, because most of his teenage years were spent as a trainee. He also revealed stories of his trainee days.

Jo Kwon said, “Because I didn’t imagine that I would train for 8 years before debuting, I didn’t think of changing to another company. It was quite tough looking at how Wonder Girls’ leader SunYe, who trained for about the same period of time as me, became so successful, and I was honestly shaken then.”

“I hope there will not be any long-period training after me. There are no memories as a teenager, and you live by everyone with that tension not knowing if you will be cut off. I was angry and hurt emotionally so many times.”

Jo Kwon also revealed that he was supposed to be part of 2PM but because of the marketing strategies for the song ‘This Song’, he joined 2AM instead.


Credit: K bites