2PM’s Jaebum is joining? Withdrawing?

2PM’s agency JYP Entertainment will be making a company announcement on the course of action for Jaebum. An associate stated that JYPE will be holding a press conference on the 24th, although the actual content of the conference is not yet revealed.

There are two possible topics that the conference could touch on. 2PM Jaebum’s complete withdrawal or a return sounds like a reasonable guess since the company’s official stance has been much requested.

First, the possibility for Jaebum’s return is that the public and press alike believe that it is the perfect time for his return. The boycott stance that the fans took after Jaebum’s leave last September has put much pressure on the company.

On the 15th, 2PM’s gyopo fans even put out an ad in a Los Angeles newspaper, proving that the interest and attention of fans have yet to be answered and that JYPE must come out with an official statement. On the 17th, 2PM also completed their first album promotions and there is much hope that Jaebum will be a part of their coming album release.

However, apart from these speculations, there lies a heavier weight on the fans. The press conference was originally set to be on the 21st but since it was the day of 2AM’s album release, the conference was delayed to the 24th after their STV ‘Inkigayo’ comeback performance.

It appears to be a tactic to prevent bad news in the face of 2AM’s return, as the company fully knows that 2PM fans alike are supporting 2AM. Although there has yet to be an official announcement or background on Jaebum’s complete withdrawal, should JYPE reveal it on the 24th, the music world will surely be shaken up again.

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I hope this conference is about Jaebeom RETURNING to 2PM. What better way to hit off 2PM’s comeback in April than with the return of our long, lost leader? (: