Jo Kwon- Ga In, Are they real or fake? That’s what we want to know

In the MBC TV real variety ‘We Got Married’ (or WGM) the best topic of conversation is Jo Kwon and Gain known as the ‘young kid couple’.

In ‘WGM- Season 1’ imaginary couples appeared and shared a sweet, dream-like story of new marriage and received lots of love. However, the dream was only ‘fake’ and after Shinae and Jung Hyung Don revealed that it was a fake marriage, their popularity died.

The ‘WGM’ staff decided to add a real couple in season 2 in order to prevent this again. The first candidates were Hwang Jung Eum and Kim Yong Jun couple.

However the current ‘WGM- Season 2’ does not have reality. As they disguise fiction as reality, only Ga In and Jo Kwon are present. However no perfect imagination exists. Ga In and Jo Kwon are in between reality and imaginary.

These two people started off as made-up, but are now emphasizing that they are really falling for each other which make the viewers supspicious forcing them to ask “Are these two really dating?”. Viewers are expressing great interest in every move they make.

On TV they show their cat-and-dog life with quarrels but nobody can deny that they really do match each other well. In the end, people even began to push them saying “Just date already!” and there is a boom for ‘Making Ga In-Jo Kwon into a couple’.

Isn’t ‘sincerity’ the reason these two are changing from ‘fiction’ to ‘reality’ ? The viewers understand this honesty. These days viewers have keener eyes than in the past. It would have been only a matter of time for the viewers to know if they forced video edits to make them look close or if they were acting.

Does Jo Kwon and Gain know. The fact that they are on the border line of imagination and reality and that they cannot hide their feelings drives the viewers crazy.