I like to go on Daum Music and find some popular/new Korean articles since my Korean is really bad and going on search engines won’t really help unless you’re actually searching for something.

Well today, I found a kind of funny article that my sister thought it was worth sharing. I think some Korean who knew English wanted to share with his/her fellow S♡NEs what foreigners, like me, thought about SNSD’s “Oh!” The comments that follow are basically people’s reactions of “Oh!”. The rest of the article was the Korean translations of the comments. xD Who knew that Koreans were so interested in us? If I wrote one of the comments below, I’d think someone was stalking me!


This music video is LO♡E!
Sunny is even more adorable – didn’t think that was possible!
Jessica completely steals the show ^^
Tiffany’s sweet and smiley – too cute!
Sooyoung looks gorgeous with that hair.
Hyoyeon’s stunning in this vid!
Yuri’s cow horns/bunny ears made me giggle.
Yoona’s bangs at the end left me speechless!
Taeyeon’s obviously the leader ^^ Hwaiting!
And Seohyun’s really grown up shes a beauty!
Way to go, girls! Can’t wait for the performance!


haha hyoyeon got so pretty! ^.^ espescially at 1:54 (even tho the camera isnt fully on her) haha
효연이 진짜 이쁘다.. 특히나 1분 54초 부분에는 (카메라 원샷~!!! )
When they’re in their matching pink-n-white clothes, Yuri is the one with the red hat (to the left of Yoona who’s in the middle) and Seohyun is the one with the gold or silver hat to the right of Yoona (: Hope that helps ~ oh and the clip is at
when they’re in their…
snsd jjang!1.4 million in 2.5 days hah only snsd can do it!! can’t wait for mucore’s comeback stage =DD

Jessica #22
Sunny #12
Tiffany #0
Taeyeon #9
Sooyoung #24
Hyoyeon #32
Yoona #7
Yuri #21
Seohyun #11

Yoona and Yuri I’m not sure :P

Would I be able to get this song in Itunes??? I cant get it out of my head!!!!!
It’s a nice song! The more u listen to it,the more u’ll like it XD Catchy ~~~ Especially during chorus part ^_^


i dont hate them.
i used to have genie as my ringtone

i thought barbie doll sang it.


and cussing is kind of rude.

what the point of mentioning akb48 in snsd video
want to share the attention?
i think it useless – –
completely different market
i have no interest in them at all