I was curious to see the Mexican/Spanish fansite for the Wonder Girls. ^^ I found an interesting article. I guess learning Spanish in school is somewhat of a help since I was able to guess that the title of the article was “Wonder Girls and Lim were already friends?” Eunii is taking Spanish 7-8 (fourth year) so she was able to translate most of the article for me. ^^

After news came out that Lim was a new Wonder Girls member, fans started digging information about her. The result was that Lim and the Wonder Girls had known each other for a good amount of time.

Various fans found a video of the surprise celebration of Yoobin’s birthday around the time of “Tell Me”. In the video, you can see very clearly Lim at 1:41 celebrating with the Wonder Girls and the rest of the JYP family. (Note: This is the original author’s opinion.)

cr: cutegiurlsubs @ youtube

Although we don’t know how close the Wonder Girls and Lim are, they seem very comfortable together and it doesn’t look like Lim is just a stranger to the Wonder Girls.

The original author’s opinion: Lim was probably imagining that she would be doing more things compared to celebrating birthdays with the Wonder Girls.

About the video…I don’t really know because Lim still isn’t firmly imprinted in my head yet. If this is true… O_o then I don’t know if I can trust JYP.

Source: Wonder Fanáticos