So there was a fan signing event at the H Mart in Ridgefield, New Jersey. If you got a physical copy of the Wonder Girls’ Nobody Rainstone Remix (English) at a participating H Mart in the United States, then that would be your ticket to see the Wonder Girls on February 11 4-6PM at the H Mart in Ridgefield, New Jersey or on February 13 at the H Mart in Lynnwood, Washington. However, most H Marts are in places with a fairly large Korean population, as H Mart is a Korean store.

Yubin, Sohee, Ye-eun, Sunmi, and Sunye all were there. I wish I could’ve went but there’s no H Mart in my area and the fan meet and greet is WAY too far away. >.<

Here’s the clearest fancam I’ve ever seen:

Wonder Girls – H Mart from enigMatt on Vimeo.

Note: If the video isn’t appearing, just click the link that says “Wonder Girls – H Mart”.