If you’re a fan of 2PM or 2AM, then you should know that they were originally supposed to be in a 11-member group called “One Day”. 2AM and 2PM can be referred as “2 o’ clock” or “One Day” together.

Recently, I realized that “One Day” in Korean could be said as “il-il” as “one” can be said as “il” in Korean and “day” can be said as “il” in Korean. So I thought, Wow it’s il-il — the same character twice! (일일 — il-il or One Day in Korean).

Now that I think of it, since “il” can mean one, then “il-il” can also mean “1-1” or “eleven”. There are 11 members in One Day, or 2AM and 2PM combined — 2AM has 4 members, and 2PM has 7 members (including Jaebeom), and 4+7=11.

I’m not sure if someone found this out before me, but I found this pretty surprising. I’m not sure if JYP meant for One Day to also mean “Eleven”, symbolizing all 11 members. Anyways, isn’t that pretty cool? And this also means that without Jaebeom, there is no “One Day” — there aren’t 11 members.

If anyone knows more information about this, please leave a comment. :D