Here are some fancams of the meet and greet at the H Mart in Lynnwood, Washington that I found. They’re from February 13. One of the people who attended said that there were 200+ people there. Remember to support the girls by purchasing their Nobody Rainstone Remix on Amazon or ITunes!

Note: You may want to turn down your speakers before playing the videos.

Even if it was just 30 seconds with them, watching them, I’m still jealous of the people who got to go. >.<

That reminds me of the dream I had last night. I dreamed that my family went to South Korea for vacation over the Presidents’ weekend (only in the US). We didn’t even book a hotel to stay at. >.< After eating at like a ramen-ish place, we went to this grassy place. Somehow we were able to get around, even though we couldn’t really speak Korean. We were told that SNSD would be having a fan meeting there. I think I dreamed about SNSD after watching them on KBS 2TV’s “Sweet Night”. There actually weren’t that many fans there and we got a free SNSD concert-themed multi-colored pen. I remember getting their signatures in my dream. . . if only it were real. . . and I think I would much rather meet the Wonder Girls than SNSD even though it’s 5 vs. 9 maybe because of the language barrier.