Red Soul is a new Kpop group, but they differ from other groups in the way that they sing. They are an Acappella group. (For those of you clueless on what acappella is, I got a definition from wikipedia: A cappella music is group vocal music or singing without an instrumental accompaniment; the piece of music is intended to be performed this way.)

Red Soul was first introduced on variety show Star King:

Pretty talented huh?

They’ve also covered some other songs, both American and Korean. Check them out below.

Craig David’s “Insomnia” & Neyo’s “Closer”

2PM’s “Tik Tok” and “Heartbeat”

Maroon 5 & Big Bang’s “This Love”

Neyo’s “So Sick”

They’ve recently released their first mini-album, titled “Color is Red”. My favorite song from their mini-album is a song titled “Ting”.

Take a listen:

These boys are definitely talented. It’s something you really shouldn’t ignore (: