Hellloo guys (:

Despite the bad news that has just happened a day or two ago (Jaebeom is not returning to 2PM anymore), other groups have been releasing new songs. While some are rising on the charts, others are not as popular, but in my opinion, they are still amazing songs. Below are a few of the songs that I’m currently listening to on my own personal playlist, and a little description of my experience with the group/song and why I like the song.

Red Soul – Ting: This talented group recently debuted, and I even wrote an article about them earlier, adding this song to it. Although it’s been a few weeks ever since their mini album  “Color is Red” was released, I am still listening to this song everyday. The melody is just amazing..I can’t even describe their talent in words. I hope this group will not be so underrated in the future because they really do deserve more attention.

Gavy NJ – Sunflower: I know that this song was also released a few weeks back (I think), but I didn’t even listen to it until I saw one of Gavy NJ’s performances on a music show. ^^ I love songs like this because they really showcase the group’s amazing vocals and I love OST songs. This song reminds me of an OST song (:

ZEA – Love Coach: This 9 member group (more hotness!) debuted early this year or late last year (I kind of forgot) with a mini-album, and out of that mini-album, this song is in my opinion, the best. Their debut song “Mazeltoz” didn’t really appeal to me much..but to others it might appeal more.

KARA – Umbrella: It hasn’t been long since these beautiful girls made a comeback. I really like this song because it’s just so joyful and if you watch their performances of it, I have to say that it is the cutest thing ever! Especially their belly-rubbing move x]

KARA – Lupin: Named after a fictional thief, I’m interpreting this song as one about stealing a man’s heart. However,  I think that the lyrics of this song are also inspiration as another message in the song is about going for something if you want to. Kind of like a “you can achieve anything if you try” sort of theme. At first, I didn’t think much of this song, but after a few replays, I am hooked! I love KARA’s new look too- it’s so classy and sexy. x]

One Way – Magic: This talented trio recently debuted and came into the Kpop scene. Out of their other new songs, I like this song the most. It has a nice flow to it and I love the tune. This song has no autotune, which is a relief, as autotune gets old after a while. Another plus is that this whole trio is fluent in English and Korean. That’s adding 3 more hotties to my list (:

T-ara – I Go Crazy Because of You: It’s such a waste that I already bought their album. T-ara recently released a new song titled “I go Crazy Because of You”, and I must say, they are definitely bringing sexy back! Despite the autotune in this song, I found this song quite addicting. Their performances of it are very spot on too. Check this song out!

Well, that’s it for my playlist (:

Hope you guys enjoy these songs if you haven’t heard them yet ^^