I recently checked Wonder Holic and came across a video of the Wonder Girls dancing to So Hot in raincoats. It seemed like they were practicing for a later performance. Watch the video here since I couldn’t find it on youtube and I don’t know how to embed Daum videos.

The video seems pretty old, as they’re performing So Hot, but it brought back memories of our girls in Korea. ^^ It seems like they’ll be active in Korea in a month (I’m SOOO excited!).

The person who posted the video on Wonder Holic said:

Have you seen this? hehe

This was my first time seeing it. keke

They look like cute babies in raincoats performing So Hot. kekeke (lit. To see them dance in raincoats performing So Hot looking like cute babies is to die for.)

All of them looked so pretty and cute. Can’t wait for their comeback! :D

It turns out that the Wonder Girls have 3 Daum fan cafes (that I know of)., Wonder Girls World (38,448 members), WonderFul (62,515 members), and ByulHa in Wonderland (107, 989 members). Wonder Girls are still pretty strong in S. Korea!

Also, when I was browsing around Daum Music, I saw that Lim’s rating was 2.6 out of 10. *sigh*

Source: Wonder Girls World (Cafe), Wonder Holic (Cafe)