Hello guys! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I’m so busy these days at my awesome blogging job  so I can’t really post here.

Of course, I will continue to post drama reviews after I finish the dramas that I’m currently watching. Right now, I’m watching a few dramas that are simultaneously airing in Korea. With various tests for school coming up, I have to delay drama watching, but at least summer’s almost here (:

For those of you that want to watch a drama, but you have no idea for what to watch, hopefully this post can help a bit ^^

1. Cinderella’s Sister: I think that you NEED to watch this. I didn’t start it because of 2PM’sa Taecyeon; I actually started it after watching an MV for the drama. I got hooked on the first four episodes, but right now the plot’s a bit slow..nothing’s really happening yet. So hopefully something interesting will happen soon x] This drama has also been fairly popular in Korea, receiving about 18% as its average rating. If you’re looking for a deep drama, look to this. Once Cinderella’s Sister ends, I’m gonna write a review about it RIGHT AWAY. So you can start it now or just wait for my review to see if it’s worth watching ^^

2. Personal Taste: I started this because of Lee Minho. (: It’s pretty hilarious and I love the main leads so if you’re up for the typical naive girl cool guy drama, then look to this! It’s so funny seeing the main girl always misunderstand Lee Minho as a gay guy..ahaah. x]

3. Oh My Lady: I s tarted this for my favorite Super Junior member, Siwon <3 Except it’s kind of a disappointment. Of course I’m still watching it (for Siwon), but compared to the other two dramas up above, this one isn’t very appealing to me…and in Korea, it got low ratings too. So unless something miraculous happens, it’s gonna stay that way.

4. Chuno: Looking for a historical drama to watch? Then look at Chuno! I’m not super into historical dramas (only saw one before this), and I’m watching this drama really slowly because I’m busy with other dramas, but it’s interesting. I started this because I’m a fangirl of Lee DaHae, and the plot’s pretty interesting. In Korea, this was a super popular drama too, as it raked in 30% viewer ratings in most episodes. It’s also only 24 episodes, so it’s pretty short compared to the longer dramas x] If you like historical dramas, then this is for you. (:

Hope that helps with dramas to watch!