The Wonder Girls embarked on the first leg of the Wonder World Tour on June 4th at Washington DC. Whether or not this will be a world tour or North American tour, I’m not sure. Most people speculate it to be a North American tour, but I believe that they’ll tour Asia too after/as part of this tour since they stated plans to go to the Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Singapore, etc. or something like that.

The Wonder Girls will make two stops in San Francisco (I thought they would stop in San Jose since Yubin’s family lives there, but I guess the venues there are too large-scale for the Wonder Girls as of now.) on June 12 and July 1.

I originally planned to get tickets to the June 12 concert, but I felt really discouraged after reading the policies of the Filmore, where the concert will be held. No cameras, no seating — just a standing concert. I personally wished for a sitting concert so that you don’t have to fight your way to get to the front of the crowd, and I recently bought a camcorder so I wish I could have something to remember about the concert and “reflect” (more like fan-girl xD) about. Amidst this, I would miss church standing in line, which brings up the idea of standing in line and waiting for five hours to get a good standing position although you’ll probably be pushed and shoved inside anyways. Even more so, I will be flying to Hong Kong on June 15, or technically June 14 since my flight is at 1 AM (too not 2AM xD). I’ll come back to the US after July 1st, so the second concert is already a no-go. I contemplated the worth of this concert, as the ticket prices were $50 or $150 for VIP. Also, there was the handling fee if I bought it online, and my dad told me that the area where the Filmore is jap (a Canto term that doesn’t really have a direct English translation,  except it can kind of translate into dangerous but again not really).

After much contemplation, I decided I’d put the concert on hold. Were the Wonder Girls worth so much? Well, a couple days later, all the tickets were sold out. And I thought, well yeah, I probably wouldn’t have even went to the concert anyway. But thanks to so many fan accounts, I have decided to go to the next concert available. My Wonder Girls fandom has been restored~! :D

Here‘s the fan account by Tina Xu at MTV Iggy:

By 8:50, faintly seasick from constantly struggling to regain my balance (the pushing and shoving never stopped), as well as from the sweaty humidity in the room, I contemplated stepping outside for some fresh air. But I immediately realized it was a silly idea — I would never be able to get my spot back in the crowd. All need for oxygen disappeared, however, as a giant curtain lowered, with each Wonder Girl’s silhouette behind it, dramatically signaling the start of the night’s main act. The crowd (includeing me!) roared with excitement. They started off with a fierce dance intro, sporting dark shades and cute black outfits with a touch of sparkle in the jackets and accessories. No matter how many photos you’ve seen, you’ll still be floored by just how beautiful and glamorous Sun, Yenny, Yubin, Sohee, and Lim look in real life.

Sohee solo performance

In addition to the fabulous intro, the Wonder Girls also gave solo performances that showcased each member’s respective talents. Lim, the newest member, received a lot of love from the crowd for her performance of Lil Mama’s “Lipgloss,” while Yubin got tough for her cover of “Boom Boom Pow” by The Black Eyed Peas. Yenny did an impressive rendition of “Mercy” by Duffy, and Sun showed off her powerful voice in a cover of “Paparazzi” by Lady GaGa. Sohee’s fabulous “Single Ladies” dance was well-received; I was a bit taken aback by how the group’s baby-faced member suddenly became so bold and sexy!

The Wonder Girls also collectively performed covers of a few American songs, including “Don’t Cha” and “Stickwitu” by The Pussycat Dolls. And of course, the girls performed their own big hits, including “Nobody” (both the original and ballad versions!), “2 Different Tears,” “Tell Me,” and “So Hot,” my personal favorite. While hollering along to the “So Hot” chorus, I got distracted by the drops of water that kept splashing onto me. Did some jerk spray water into the crowd? Did the roof spring a leak? Looking around, I realized it was sweat dripping furiously off the guy next to me. This wasn’t a hardcore metal show! Ew! Absolutely disgusted, I wiped my arm with my other sleeve and made a mental note to throw myself into a tub of bleach later.

Yenny at the piano for “Saying I Love You”

Back to the performance. Things got a bit sentimental when the girls came out in adorable white dresses to perform “Saying I Love You,” a song that’s as sweet as the person who wrote it – the lovely Yenny.

Sitting down at a gorgeous white grand piano, she accompanied her group members. The stage was lit up with dazzling blue and purple lights. It was so beautiful and perfect…until I felt drops of liquid on my skin. Was that guy next to me sweating profusely AGAIN?! I was about to turn toward him and yell when I realized the drops of “sweat” weren’t sweat at all.

Snowflakes were falling from the sky. No, really – shavings of ice were drifting down from the ceiling, making the entire scene look like something straight out of a fairytale. Since I was standing toward the front, I was lucky enough to catch the snowflakes and slightly cool down in the process. This part was by far the greatest idea ever; props to the genius who thought of it.

Wonder Girls’ encore performance of “Nobody”

To close out the evening, the Wonder Girls changed into shimmery silver dresses for an encore of “Nobody,” a song that I thought I’d be sick of by now, but actually sounded even better live. As the members said their goodbyes, I felt neither sadness nor disappointment. Both 2PM and Wonder Girls gave sensational performances, and I only felt gratitude toward them for putting on such an exhilarating, satisfying show. The five-hour wait outside, the insane crowd, my sweaty neighbor – it was all so worth it. Leaving Hammerstein Ballroom was nowhere near as chaotic as entering it. Fans were laughing, meeting up with friends, and talking about how much they loved the show. It was everything we had all hoped it would be.

Lim’s solo performance

Yubin solo performance

Yenny’s solo performance