Everyone has favorites, right? It’s almost impossible not to favor one member of a group in K-pop unless 1. you don’t haven’t developed a liking for it or 2. you like a group so much that you’ve learned so much about each member that they’re each equally lovable to you or 3. you don’t know the group well enough to have favorites.

Well, I must admit that I have favorites in the K-pop realm, too. First, let’s start with Wonder Girls, my all-time favorite group. I love the group so much that I apply to number 2. Well, of course, there are certain members that I think are best in certain areas or are my favorite in certain areas. Let’s see.

Yoobin is #1 (within her group) for (talents) rapping, dancing, and the charisma from both. I’d say that because of this, she’s the most eye-catching when you watch a Wonder Girls performance with no prior “experience”. She’s also the aegyo queen of the group, and ranks #2 for fashion. Singing is quite a bit of a downfall.

I think Yeeun and Sunye are very similar in terms of talent. One difference is that Sunye has more leadership training from being a JYPE trainee for a bit less than 5 years, while Yeeun didn’t train for even half a year, but is well versed. Both are indeed very talented. They are tied for singing and being caring. Yeeun is a very quick learner, while Sunye really has the group voice. She knows her stuff — when it’s her group members’ times to shine and when they’re hurting. She can speak for all of the interests of the Wonder Girls.

Sunmi is really the 4-D wink queen. Her voice is relatively low (but not low enough to compare to Yoobin) and average, but not bad (but not good enough to compare with Yeeun and Sunye). I’d say that her smile is the prettiest out of all the members, but not by much.

Sohee is able to appear cute even if she’s not trying to. Although her singing and dancing is mediocre, I know that she really does try hard and her talent will become something great if she continues to try to nurture it. She is #1 for fashion and body since she’s so skinny. Even though she doesn’t have double eyelids, she has a very cute smile and her tongue thing is cute as well.

I haven’t really gotten to know Hyelim since she’s so new, but her Cantonese and English are the best since she lived in Hong Kong. She is still very shy. I hope to learn more about her and see/hear more of her personality, dancing, and singing in the future.

Now on with other groups.

In 2PM (yes, I don’t hate them.), my favorite has always been angel Nichkhun. :) He’s Chinese like me anyways. :D

In BEAST, I like Yang YoSeob and Son DongWoon. YoSeob=flat nose xD + strong vocals; DongWoon = deep voice + maknae!! :D Also, both (and another two BEAST members) are from JYPE.

In SNSD, I like Taeyeon and Seohyun. Taeyeon = powerful voice + short (like me) + funny. Seohyun = mature maknae. :)

I think that’s about all of my favorites in K-pop groups these days. :)