Title: 신데렐라 언니
Genre: Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 20
Average Rating: 19.2% Nationwide
Where to watch: Viikii

Main Characters:

Moon GeunYoung as Song/Go EunJo:

About: Moon GeunYoung has starred in numerous movies and dramas in the past. Her acting roles have proved that she is indeed a talented actress; I didn’t watch The Painter of the Wind, but I’ve read many reviews praising Moon GeunYoung’s acting in it. However, I’ve seen Moon GeunYoung take on various characters in movies like Innocent Steps and My Little Bride. She is indeed an actress that is slowly rising to the top in terms of the entertainment industry in Korea.

Character in Drama: Song EunJo (later Go EunJo) is a girl that’s lived an insecure life. Her mom is always sleeping around with many men who are heavy drinkers that always physically abuse her mom. This causes her to live in fear her whole life and detest her mom. Because Eunjo is afraid of people who may betray her, she doesn’t like making friends and she always shields herself from others.

Seo Woo as Go HyoSun:

About: I didn’t know about Seo Woo before starting this drama. However, I later saw the movie Crush and Blush, where Seo Woo acts as the daughter of the main guy.

Character in Drama: Go HyoSun is the only daughter of the owner of Daesung Doga (Soju factory). She lost her mom at a young age, so she’s always yearning for love from others.

Chun JungMyung as Hong KiHoon:

About: I actually never heard of Chun JungMyung before watching this; now I’m a fan.

Character in Drama: Hong KiHoon is one of the sons of the owner of a huge company (forgot its name). However, he works at Daesung Doga, where he meets HyoSun and later Eunjo.

2PM’s Taecyeon as Han Jungwoo:

About: I used to be a hardcore fan of 2PM, so how could I not know of the beastly rapper Taecyeon? This drama signals Taecyeon’s “debut” into the drama world.

Character in Drama: Han Jungwoo used to live with Eunjo when the two were young. However, after Eunjo and her mom run away, they lose contact of each other. Many years later, Jungwoo is able to track down Eunjo and they “reunite”. Although he has feelings of love for her, she only sees him as a little brother.

Synopsis (from KBS World):

A modern day adaptation of Cinderella with a twist as our Cinderella, Goo Hyo Sun, plots revenge against her evil stepsister , Eun Jo for years of pain and suffering.

She has neither aspiration nor emotion and her smile is sarcastic. Eun Jo is a girl who has apathy toward life. Her mother, who has been living as a single mother for 18 years, finally found the right person to marry and brought Eun Jo into the stepfather’s house.
A decent house and a decent family…. Eun Jo feels that everything in this house does not fit for her. The most unbearable thing she faces is the stepsister Hyo Sun, who is the apple of her father’s eyes and beloved by everyone in the house. Hyo Sun also takes away the mind of Eun Jo’s mother, just like her bright and untainted character attracted all the other people. Eun Jo cannot tolerate this situation, since she lost the only one that she completely owned.

She sets her mind on getting even with Hyo Sun. ‘Cinderella shouldn’t be loved by her stepmother. You broke the rule! I’ll pay you back by taking away what you have and will have! But then… What should I do first?’


So I started this drama NOT because of Taecyeon. It seems like everyone was only watching it for Taecyeon, which really disappointed me because one should watch a drama if they’re interested in the plot, not just because their favorite idol or actor is in it..unfortunately, many people do just that (including me). So how did I get interest to watch this drama? It all started with a Youtube subscription. A Youtuber that I’m subscribed to makes videos with the romanization, hangul, and translation of the song. She did this for the MV for one of the OST songs in the drama – It Has To Be You by Super Junior’s Yesung. Not only did I fall in love with the song itself, but I was very interested in the drama when I saw the MV. The MV showed scenes that looked so intense and everything, so I thought, I HAVE to watch this drama.

Now let’s start the review. The first four episodes of the drama were already out when I started, so I instantly began watching the drama with my sister, who was also intrigued by the MV that we saw earlier. The first four episodes were simply amazing; I cannot even bring words to describe how good it was. Everything was so fast-paced and intense, and for once, the main girl was not one of those typical naive and innocent girls. Instead, she was very mature for her age and carefully guarded her emotions;  Moon GeunYoung displayed the feelings of her character very well. In addition, her long, flowing hair was very beautiful; the one scene that I remember was when Kihoon met Eunjo. Eunjo ran away from him, and as he’s chasing her, you can see Eunjo’s long hair in the wind. It was a really beautiful scene..probably the best scene in the drama for me.

After the first four episodes, things started going downhill. However, ratings kept climbing in Korea- I don’t know if it was because people were eager to see what would happen or if they just liked the actors in the drama. For me, the episodes following the first four episodes were not very good. I thought that like in Cinderella, “Cinderella’s” father would die (Cinderella in this drama is HyoSun). And he did die. Well I don’t want to give too much away but many events happened that made me believe that the events in the MV would occur at one point. However, I kept watching the drama, and every week, nothing in the MV happened! It was totally different from the drama itself. I initially started the drama because I wanted to see the events in the MV actually take place but they never did.

The drama overall had way too many misunderstandings and everything just seemed so boring and long. It was not as exciting and intense as I wish it was..although better things happened during the last few episodes, it was kind of awkwardly put together and the drama could’ve been smoother.

I just keep thinking, if only, if only the drama followed the events that occurred in the MV…it would’ve been so much better…

Rating: 3/5

I feel like I’m being nice about the rating; I guess you could thank the fact that I’m going to Hong Kong tonight ^^ Anyways, I am a huge fan of Moon Geunyoung and her acting was marvelous in this drama although her character was annoying at times. x] So that also accounts for the rating I gave this drama – don’t start it if you’re looking for a really intense drama.