Title: 桃花小妹
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 13
Average Rating: 1 (out of a scale of 10)
Where to watch: Viikii

Main Characters:

Jiro Wang as Shi Lang:

About: Back in the day, I was into mando-pop, and very into Fahrenheit. That’s when I first “discovered” Jiro. When I saw dramas like It Started With a Kiss and Rolling Love, I also saw Jiro and his acting skills. In the past, Jiro’s characters in dramas have been very cute and funny, but his character in Momo Love is quite mature, which was quite a change.

Character in Drama: Shi Lang is a neighbor of Tao Hua and her family; he was childhood friends with her brother Yu Yi. When Shi Lang gives Tao Hua an umbrella on a rainy day, she falls in love with him and that’s how this story starts.

Cyndi Wang as Chen TaoHua:

About: The first Taiwanese drama that I ever saw was Smiling Pasta, where Cyndi Wang was one of the main characters. I loved Smiling Pasta and I didn’t even realize that Cyndi was in this drama until I started watching.

Character in Drama: Chen TaoHua is the only daughter of the family; she lives with her five older brothers. Her four oldest brothers are very protective of her, always preventing her from dating anybody.

TaoHua’s Brothers:

–Chen Qi (Ken Zhu) is the oldest brother; he is a weather forecaster.

–Chen Cheng (Lan Jun Tian) is the second oldest brother; he is a fashion designer.

–Chen Zhuan (Ding Chun Cheng) is twins with Chen He; he’s the genius of the family.

–Chen He (Godfrey Gao) is twins with Chen Zhuan; I forgot what he does. (He’s the hottest brother in my opinion.)

–Yu Yi (Jing Wong) is the youngest of the brothers; he always gets bullied by the other four because he’s seen as the “extra” child. Unlike the other four brothers, he is not very protective of TaoHua.

Calvin Chen as Xue ZhiQiang:

About: Calvin Chen is another member of Fahrenheit so that’s how I know him. However, I never saw his acting in a drama or movie.

Character in Drama: Xue ZhiQiang is the love rival of Shi Lang. His father is the boss of TaoHua’s oldest brother Chen Qi. ZhiQiang tries his best to get TaoHua’s heart, but she’s already in love with Shi Lang.

Li JiaYing as Gong HuiQi:

About: First drama I’ve seen HuiQi in is this!

Character in Drama: HuiQi was childhood friends with Shi Lang; although he only sees her as a friend, she likes him as more than a friend. She moved to Canada at a young age, but she returns to Taiwan in order to go to the same school as Shi Lang.

Synopsis (from Dramawiki):

Momo Love is adapted from Japan’s best selling manga Momoka Typhoon. The plot is about Tao Hua who has been pampered and loved by four of her brothers almost to the extent of sister brotherly love. Thus the other brothers ask the fifth brother, Yu Yi, to look after the sister, and with the appearance of prince charming Shi Lang, a love battle is created among everybody.


So I read somewhere that Momo Love was a cute drama, which I assumed to mean a good drama. Thus, I decided to give it a shot since ever school ended, I’ve been bored at home. I would start a Korean drama since there’s A LOT that I am eager to watch, but since my sister is still at school (my school ends 2 weeks before hers) and she wants to watch those dramas with me, I needed to find something else to watch.

Momo Love looked interesting enough since it’s not often that you run into a drama where the main girl has four super over-protective brothers. In addition, upon starting the drama, I noticed that the narrator was Yu Yi, Tao Hua’s fifth older brother. Also, since Jiro and Cyndi were paired up, I was also excited ^^

The drama had a good start and it had me laughing at the older brothers’ tactics and their obsessive love for their little sister. Yu Yi’s character was also a very naive and innocent one that was pretty entertaining.

In this drama, it was like love at first sight for TaoHua which was very adorable to see. However, as I got further in on the drama, I felt that the whole plot and story could not last long. It was starting to bore me and I even stopped for a week to start a better drama. Today, I finally got back to Momo Love, but I skimmed many parts. A lot of it was unrealistic (well, I guess that’s what dramas are) and it was just dragging way too much..

But I must say, the end was nice. It was very sweet and cute. (:

Rating: 1/5

I feel bad for giving such low ratings..but in Taiwan, this drama didn’t even fare so well and I honestly felt that it was probably the worst Taiwanese drama that I ever saw in my life…It was a great disappointment. :/