…okay, well kind of.

It’s REALLY been a long time or 오랜만 이다~~! as they’d say in Korean. Although I’m back, I probably won’t post that much…it’s been so long I don’t even remember how much I’d post on this blog back then. xD But I will try to revive this blog a bit by posting occasionally since “occasionally” isn’t a definite term.

Blogging on my own is always tentative, since I don’t have deadlines or quotas to meet. So the reason why I decided to post today was because the King of Baking, Kim TakGoo, the KBS2TV drama that has had ten (out of thirty) straight episodes of ratings in the forties and is currently airing. Currently, it is one of the top dramas on my list (it’s especially high up there because of its genre). But it might be on the bottom of the ranks by the time I finish it.

And here is the main reason why:


I REALLY liked the Yoon SiYoon–Eugene couple (Kim TakGoo–Shin YuKyung) in this drama. If they don’t end up together, King of Baking, Kim TakGoo will be the most unfulfilling drama I have watched. Ever. I will despise it for weeks just like I despised Likable or Not/I Hate You, But It’s Fine since SeonJae didn’t end up with JiYoung.

Ahh I hate it when I unintentionally/unknowingly/innocently read a spoiler of a drama I like. MVs are okay since they only hint events that will happen in the future. I also hate it when I find out that someone near me (*cough* Eunii, my older sister and the other admin of this site) has read spoilers. Spoilers are soooo tempting. I admit I’ve read them before, but this is quite rare for me.

Ahhh why did this certain English K-pop blog site have to post on MaJun and YuKyung‘s wedding? The writer didn’t even say [Spoiler] in the title — she just went and posted it. GAHHH I wasn’t even able to do my homework because it was so distracting.

Curiosity kind of killed the cat. :( (and murder is NOT good.)

And if you’re wondering about the bolding and italics, I’ve gotten used to it from blogging for a kpop site. xD