I have just finished the very amazing and unpredictable drama King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo and instead of writing a review, I’ll be doing somewhat short recaps on the episodes along with pictures I found on Korean websites :]]

The beginning of the drama. The president’s wife has a child, but it’s another daughter. Thus, her mother-in-law (the president’s mom) is disappointed and so is the president. (What is the big deal about male children anyways?! Geez.)

Mom goes to a fortune teller that tells her that she’ll never bear a son with the President. Either the President has a son with a mistress or the wife has a son with another man.

President kisses the nurse and later gets her pregnant. The wife has an affair with Manager Han, a friend and assistant of the President. The nurse (Kim MiSun) gets pregnant with the president’s child and his wife (InSook) also becomes pregnant (but with the manager’s child).

In Sook finds out about Kim Mi Sun’s pregnancy and tells Manager Han to make the nurse get an abortion. Nurse escapes and goes into hiding; the president and his mom try looking for her but to no avail. Manager Han also gets his men to look for her. Manager Han finally finds the nurse in a hospital; she sees him and starts to run. The doctor (Doctor Yoon) tries to block the men from chasing after Kim MiSun but fails.

Kim MiSun manages to hide in a barn, but Manager Han catches her when he hears her scream in pain because she’s going through childbirth labor and she’s about to give birth. She begs  Manager Han to save her, so he does. He brings her to the hospital and she safely gives birth to TakGoo. Manager Han tells Kim MiSun to disappear from his sight or else he’ll kill her and her baby.

My memory then gets fuzzy about what happened afterward, but I think that the drama fast forward 12 years and now Kim TakGoo is 12 years old. He lives in Cheongsan, a countryside village with his mom.

Meanwhile, in the President’s house, his son, Gu MaJun, is a spoiled brat who always gets his way because his mom favors him..

We’ll stop there.

Check out the screencaps below: