My sister and I were looking through Youtube videos this afternoon, and this was one of the videos/songs that stuck in my head after. :) It’s called “Girlfriend” or “女朋友”.

This video is from early this year so it’s relatively old. However, it’s still funny and sweet at the same time if you understand  Cantonese and a bit of Mandarin. (The rap part is funny and the singing is sweet/funny.)

The chorus goes like this:

wo xi huan de nǚ hai
The girl I like

ta ba wo dang nǚ hai
She thinks of me as a girl (lit. She made a girl, but it can’t be directly translated into English)

yao xiang dui ta biao bai
I need to express/confess to her

wo de zhen ai
My true/sincere love

ta ba ba shuo wo guai
Her dad said I was good/behaved well

ta ma ma wei wo zuo cai
Her mom made me food (lit. vegetables)

wo yuan yi wei ta zuo nǚ hai
I’m willing to be [treated as] a girl for her (lit. I’m willing to be a girl for her)

I think it’s best if you understand Cantonese and a bit of Mandarin so that you can see the context in which the song lyrics fit. And the swaying girls make it even funnier. :) Enjoy!

Video: jinhanjin @