After much waiting, I have finally bought merchandise off of G-Market. G-Market is basically the Korean version of Ebay. It is different in some aspects, but it is in essence, it is the Korean Ebay.

So I ordered three sets of stickers, two pastel colored hoodies, two heart hoodies, and a shirt/sweater (I don’t really know what to call it).

On Saturday, October 9, at around 11PM PST, I placed my order on G-market and today, October 19, my box of goodies arrived! I’ll talk more about this later in the post.

So let’s start with the stuff I ordered.

This first picture is the box/package. It was actually quite smaller than I had expected. It weighed almost 5lbs.

Inside the box were a few different bags from each different seller. So all the items I bought from the same seller would be inside the same bag.

Below are pictures of each individual bag:

So that’s basically how the bags look like. Now let’s look at the items ^^

I first ordered three sets of stickers. Two of those sets are the same- four sheets of hangul stickers. The stickers are puffy, clear, and each sheet has different colors. In addition, each sheet has a few stickers of each Korean letter. The last set of stickers has four sheets of four random things. One sheet is of cute chickens, the next one is of hearts, another one is of smiley faces, and the last one is full of adorable soldiers.

Each sticker set of 4 sheets cost ₩2,800(approx. $2.50 USD [all price approximations will be in USD]). There was also a service fee of ₩2,200 ($1.95) for purchases under ₩30,000 ($26). However, even though I bought 3 sets of stickers, I was only charged one service fee (₩2,200) for all of the sets, not for each set.

I took many pictures of the stickers so please bear with me.

So I also ordered two plain, pastel-colored hoodies. They’re both from different sellers, so the material and quality of the hoodies were different.

The first hoodie, the yellow one, cost 9,900₩ ($8.79). It’s not thick but not super thin either, but it is still kind of thin and see-through. If you were wearing a blue shirt under it, you’d be able to see it. I wouldn’t wear it during the winter.

The blue hoodie is very soft and has a cotton lining on it. It also feels very warm and comfortable to wear.

To show you how warm it is, here’s a picture of the fabric on the inside:

I also initially ordered three heart hoodies- if you’re a fan of Kpop, then you might’ve seen Big Bang wearing it before. I was so happy when I found it on G-market that I just had to buy it! It’s a really cute sweatshirt. I ordered three because my two best friends and I wanted to have a piece of clothing that was matching so that we could be triplets. I ordered two mediums (smallest size) and one large. Unfortunately, one of my orders was canceled because the seller wouldn’t be able to deliver it to the G-market warehouse in time. The money for the hoodie was refunded into my credit card.

Now to the sweaters. The material of the sweaters isn’t really the same as other’s like kind of this shiny type of material. It was very different from what I expected. Also, the pocket was not like a center pocket. It was two separate pockets on the side, which is very unusual for a sweater. Also, the heart was much bigger than I had anticipated. However, despite all these disappointing features, I still like the sweatshirt and it’s not THAT bad. It’s still wearable. And the price was pretty reasonable and even a bit cheap- ₩11,800 each ($10.47).

The last item I ordered is this knit shirt/sweater. It’s thicker than a plain shirt but thinner than a sweater. It cost ₩7,610 ($6.71) and it was the one item (besides the stickers and the plain hoodies) that looked exactly the same online as it did when I touched it and looked at it! It fits me perfectly and I can’t wait to wear this!

Sorry my pictures for this one sucks. The lighting was bad since I didn’t have any electricity at home when I took this picture.

If you’ve made it this far through my G-market review, then that probably means that you’re interested in purchasing items from G-market. The good thing about G-market is that most of the items are really cheap and not as pricey as items that you could also find in your own shopping mall.

The bad thing is that shipping kills. Shipping is quite expensive. In the beginning of the review, I said that the box was smaller than I expected. Based on the shipping price that I had to pay, I thought that the box would be big. The shipping cost ₩36,700 ($32.57), which was about 1/3 of the total price. If not for shipping, I would probably spend a lot on G-market. So if you live outside of Korea, especially if you live in the United States like I do, then beware shipping!

One way to make shipping “less” is by ordering more items that are lighter. That’s why I added three sets of stickers- it would make the shipping seem less because I bought more.

The reason for such expensive shipping is that it will make your order arrive at your doorstep faster. For my order, shipping actually ended up being less than I had to pay (maybe partly because one of my items was canceled). So I got refunded a few dollars of shipping into my G-market account to use for my next order. In addition, many times, the estimated weight varies from the actual weight so you also get some money back from that. (Side note: Once the package enters your country, it may be held in customs for a couple days. After it’s released, it will be shipped to your doorstep by your regular local postal service. Since I live in the US, it was shipped to me by USPS.)

Another good thing about G-market that I forgot to mention earlier is that they’re very reliable and a legit website. But I think you already know that.

The one thing I really wanted to mention was this cool feature in G-market. In this feature, G-market can somehow magically track where your box is. So everyday, I would go onto G-market to check the progress of my package. This feature is so cool yet mysterious because I don’t know how G-market tracked the package. G-market knew when the package left the warehouse in Korea, when it went onto the plane in Korea, when it arrived in the United States, when it was held in customs, and when it arrived at my house. EMS (the shipping service that G-Market uses) is cool yet kind of scary. The most important thing is that it’s fast, safe, and efficient. :D

If you guys have any questions about how to order on G-market or the products we specifically purchased, feel free to drop a comment below!