That Person, sung by Lee SeungChul, is a song that portrays Yoon SiYoon and Eugene‘s relationship in this drama, although I think they used the song for EugeneJu Won scenes too (which made me angry xD). Although it doesn’t seem like that good of a song when you first hear it, as you watch the drama, it rapidly grows on you.

The MV is well put together, as it is full of bittersweet Kim TakGoo–Shin YuKyung memories. Once you start watching King of Baking, Kim TakGoo, it’s hard to stop. While it is very sad and can be considered a tearjerker, it isn’t the type that would make you think that it was excessive in sad scenes. Still, you should always have a tissue box close by. My cousin said that she has been crying since the beginning of the drama, but I didn’t shed any tears while watching the drama no matter how heartbreaking the scenes were. (There was a very plentiful amount of dramatic scenes, but that is no excuse not to watch it.)

I couldn’t find a subbed version of Lee SeungChul’s That Person so the below are two links. The first video is the MV while the second is the audio with translation and romanization.

See part one for a review of King of Baking, Kim TakGoo.

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