My sister (Wannabefob) and I are highly addicted to this drama. She wrote a post about Secret Garden and now it’s time for my take on the SBS drama. Not that it’ll be any different or better or anything. But if you’re also hooked to this drama like us, then what better way to spend your time than reading this post? Since you are probably also waiting for the next episode to air and get subbed (that is, if you’re not Korean like me).

Notice the hot – let me repeat that – HOT picture up above there? Like seriously. WOW. Doesn’t that already show you how much chemistry there is between the two leads?! I can feel it just from looking at the picture. Such chemistry was a huge thing that hooked me when I started this drama.

So I should actually start from the beginning. I only heard of this drama because of the rumors that Jay Park was gonna be in it. I used to be a huge HUGE 2PM fan; loved each member with all my heart. I bought all their songs, watched all their performances, fangirled over them a million times, etc. So of course I would be a fan of Jay Park. Even more after he left 2PM. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still a fan of 2PM, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like Jay Park. I consider myself neutral now. x]

So then with the rumors that Jay Park would be the main lead in Secret Garden, I became a little interested in it. But then the rumors turned out to be false and Jay Park was replaced by Hyun Bin. I lost interest in the drama not because I don’t like Hyun Bin, but because school work was piling up and because there were so many other dramas coming out at around the same time. I had a whole list of dramas that I wanted to watch – Playful Kiss, SungKyunKwan Scandal, Fugitive, Dr. Champ, Athena, and more. Suddenly all these dramas decided to air at around the same time (except Athena) and I didn’t know what I should watch next. And because I’m a senior in high school, I decided to just stop watching dramas for about 2 weeks and instead focus on college applications.

So then let’s fast forward 2 weeks to the present. I finally finished my main batch of college applications and sent them in. I decided to start a drama even though I knew that I shouldn’t because finals are coming up and I’m not even done with all my college applications yet..but I caved in. I went onto Dramafever and saw that they recently added some new dramas. Secret Garden was the first drama that came up on the little slide show on their homepage. I clicked it and then read the synopsis.

The synopsis definitely hooked me (along with the fact that an accomplished actress, Ha JiWon, plays the main lead in Secret Garden). We have the typical rich boy character. And then we have the poor,  stunt woman character. So maybe the stunt woman character is kind of different from other Korean dramas since we have a tough girl for once. Although she’s still kind of innocent. But here’s what got me – the two main leads switch bodies. As in their souls switch bodies. Wow. I never saw a Korean drama with such a plot twist! So thus, I started the episode.

My sister joined me and we were addicted. Finished the first episode on Friday night and then the next three yesterday (Saturday). We were itching for more. I regret starting the drama now because I’m so anxious for the new episodes to come out and get subbed. (I just hope that this drama doesn’t turn out to be a disaster like Cinderella’s Sister was. The first four episodes of that drama were beautiful and left me speechless but after, I was very VERY disappointed and that drama was such a waste of my time. So I hope my initial love for Secret Garden doesn’t die down at all throughout the drama.)

Today I was so eager to watch episodes five and six that I kept refreshing the page to see if they were updated with subtitles (I watch on, just in case anyone is curious). The subs never went on. So I just read the drama recaps on Dramabeans for episode 5 and proceeded to watch episode 6 without subtitles. Yes, I actually did that. I never do that. Even if I’m dying to watch an episode of a drama, I normally have the patience to wait for it to come out with subtitles.

Episode 6 was amazing. It had my sister and me laughing at the body switch and how the main leads acted in each other’s bodies. LOVED it. Now I’m going to wait for subtitles for both episodes 5 and 6 so that I can watch them.

Basically, if you’re debating whether or not you should see this drama, I say that you HAVE to watch it. I’m gonna recommend it to all my friends and family members. It’s such a good drama. With a great plot, hot leads, and amazing chemistry, what more could you ask for?!

By the way, I post pictures/screencaps from Secret Garden on my other blog, Just in case any of you want some cute eye candy ^^