So I’ve been enjoying Secret Garden, as you can see by the two previous posts on this site. Before you think that I’m hating on this drama by saying that its posters remind me of other dramas’ posters, understand that I was only able to observe the poster similarities because I like this drama so much. My affection for this drama thus led me to look deeper into things relating to the drama and actors.

So I guess you can say that I watch a lot of dramas. Eunii and I have watched nearly 100 Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Korean, and Japanese dramas in three years. (Some of them were really short, others we skimmed; we skimmed a 130-episode drama.) But that was when we had lots of free time, had no lives, and were addicted. So over these years, we’ve acquired a somewhat vast knowledge/background of dramas, and we have our own preferences on what makes a good or bad drama. In addition, we’ve seen enough dramas to know how some of the dramas’ posters (especially newer ones) look.

First up is the Secret Garden poster that makes it look the most melodramatic (in my opinion). The main characters are lined up in a V-shaped formation, and there’s a starry sky in the background. In the center of the sky is a shooting star or comet.

This poster is similar to that of Meteor Garden, the 2002 Taiwanese drama. While many may not recognize it by name, it was the original drama version of the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango/Boys Over Flowers. Its most famous adaption was probably the Korean drama, Boys Over Flowers starring Lee MinHo, Goo HyeSun, and SS501‘s Kim HyunJoong.

While the style are totally different, in both posters, five characters are standing in V-shapes. (The Meteor Garden one is upside-down.) The main characters are arranged in the front while the less significant are in the back. There is a different gender ratio, but both have a starry night sky background. Likewise, there are shooting stars/meteors/comets/whatever you want to call them in the sky.

Next is the SBS pair! I actually took this from Eunii’s personal/other blog, as she noticed the similarities between a You’re Beautiful and Secret Garden poster. The main male character(s) is/are leading the main female lead into the sky! How romantic… Both females are wearing a long scarf that is flying in the wind. While the sky in You’re Beautiful is clear, the sky in Secret Garden is rainy and Hyun Bin is holding an umbrella, which reminds me of Mary Poppins. xD In the posters, the characters are going in different directions (You’re Beautiful to the right, Secret Garden to the left).

Of course, there’s a downfall to watching so many dramas/movies — you don’t always remember which poster corresponds with which. Eunii and I remember seeing a poster similar to the header picture, but we have yet to find out which drama/movie it was. If you know what drama or movie it is similar to, please leave a comment so we can add it to the post. :)