Talk about hilarious! The sauna scene in episode 8 of Secret Garden made me laugh nonstop! We have the main characters going to the sauna in their new bodies. Kim JooWon in Gil RaIm’s body went to the female sauna with Yoon Seul – I personally didn’t find this part as funny as the other one, which was Gil RaIm in JooWon’s body going to the male sauna with Oska.

As you know (if you’ve been following along with Secret Garden), Gil RaIm really likes Oska. Earlier in this episode, she even experienced some lip action with him (although very minimal). However, Oska thought that his cousin Kim JooWon had kissed him, not the female Gil RaIm, due to the whole body/soul switching thing. So when Gil RaIm in JooWon’s body came to the male sauna, Oska told her (or him?) to go into a different sauna.

To make things even funnier, Gil RaIm covered her whole body with the towel, which looked very awkward and strange because she’s in JooWon’s body, so this essentially looks like a guy is covering his whole body with a towel. However, I can understand her situation. If I was in a guy’s body, I would still feel awkward only covering the lower half of my body with a towel and leaving the top bare. x]

Anyways, this was a very funny scene. This drama just keeps making me laugh; if only it wasn’t so draggy..