I’m not sure if you would call this as a turning point in the drama since the chemistry has always been between the two leads since the first episode, but I guess you could say that things may be getting more “intense”.

I especially found the kiss cute, because if you were watching Secret Garden when this happened, Gil RaIm had some whipped cream on her upper lip, which I presume is from the coffee that she was drinking. Instead of telling her to wipe it off or even wiping it off for her, Kim JooWon leans in for a kiss to get rid of the whipped cream. There’s only one thing I can say about that – CUTE.

Even before this kiss happened, the two already locked lips earlier in the drama because they thought that by kissing, they would each return to their respective bodies.

Once the two actually DID return to their own bodies, Kim JooWon gave Gil RaIm a hug. It made me die a little inside..

Hopefully there’s more skinship in the future episodes! I’m definitely looking forward to it. The chemistry that I’ve already been witnessing needs to really show itself (: