It was this interesting plot twist that caused me to start Secret Garden – the soul/body switch. And then it finally came! But did it fulfill my expectations? Did it come short? Perhaps it even exceeded my expectations.

The body switch was perfect – and with such famous and talented actors Hyun Bin and Ha JiWon as the main cast, everything worked out fine. Upon the body switch, both actors were able to take on the persona of the other person – for Hyun Bin, once Ha JiWon’s character Gil RaIm went into his body, he was able to act just like how she acted. Also, Ha JiWon was able to embody the rich and arrogant attitude that Hyun Bin’s character had. The body switch caused me to laugh so much throughout the four episodes that the two characters were in each other’s bodies.

However, I wish that the body switch lasted longer. I mean, I thought it would be the main part of the drama – but it only lasted for four episodes and everything was back to normal. Although keeping track of the body switch was difficult at first, it became very easy thanks to the actors’ great acting. I personally think that the body switch should’ve lasted for a few more episodes. The switch only lasted long enough for the two characters to spend a day or two in each others’ shoes. Plus, I thought that both characters would learn to live in each others’ life styles and adjust as necessary, not impose their own thoughts into everything. Okay, so maybe impose their own thoughts into a few aspects but not everything.

In addition, this body switch kind of came short of my initial expectations. I thought that the body switch would cause the main characters to fall in love with each other even more and come to a greater understanding of each others’ lives. But in the end, even after the switch, it seemed like nothing changed. Kim JooWon was as arrogant and stuck up as ever, and Ha JiWon was just as vulnerable too. It seems like we returned to square one, which was kind of disappointing..

Overall, though, this body switch was very entertaining to watch; the acting was spot on and I really applaud Hyun Bin and Ha JiWon. It exceeded my expectations but some parts (as I already explained above) of the drama and its plot came short.