Oh my, I must be head over heels for this drama! I don’t regret starting Secret Garden at all. The plot has me hooked, the chemistry (and the hot leads) keep me watching, and everything is just perfect! Okay, so not everything..but still most aspects are spot on with Secret Garden. I can’t seem to get enough of it. Especially with all the chemistry that I noticed from the beginning.

I’ve been waiting for the first REAL kiss between our two lovely leads and it has finally happened in episode 14! Yeah, the coffee kiss and all the body snuggling was cute and all, but what I really wanted was a kiss. And episode 14 went past my expectations. I was so overjoyed by seeing the kiss that I literally watched that part over and over again. To add to the happiness I felt, the transformation of Gil RaIm perfectly led up to the kiss. I love ‘transformations’ so when Oska turned Gil RaIm from a normal stunt woman into a stunning female, I was already excited. To make the kiss even better, it wasn’t the typical Asian drama kiss that lasts for 2 seconds, but this kiss lasted for about a minute. I wouldn’t describe this kiss as a hot or burning one, but more of a sweet one. Kim JooWon wasn’t like eating Gil RaIm up so I wasn’t disgusted by the kiss at all. Instead, the kiss was such a sweet one that I just HAD to keep replaying the beautiful moment. This scene was by far the best scene in the drama (unless, of course, a better one comes along). They say to save the best for last but I feel like posting the best kiss first (:

So let’s backtrack a bit to all the other cute scenes that happened BEFORE this amazing kiss took place. We have the chemistry between Kim JooWon and Gil RaIm at the Action School, when Kim JooWon drops by; Gil RaIm holds his feet while he does the sit-ups, getting super close to her face each time. I could already sense the chemistry from this moment. The deep gazes of each person as they stare into each others faces is simply mesmerizing.

Later in the drama, when Kim JooWon and Gil RaIm’s  souls switch places, Gil RaIm suggests that the two kiss because the kiss might bring them back to normal. Gil RaIm (in JooWon’s body) kisses JooWon (in Gil RaIm’s body) but nothing changes. JooWon thinks that the kiss isn’t un-doing the spell because it didn’t take that long, so he (in RaIm’s body) grabs RaIm (in JooWon’s body) for a longer kiss. The two start getting into the kiss and forgetting their purpose for kissing in the first place…but then they realize what they’re doing. Darn!

When Kim JooWon and Gil RaIm finally return to their normal bodies, JooWon give RaIm a hug. Feeling the chemistry?

The famous coffee kiss – another moment of yummy chemistry. I’m never getting tired of this couple.

The drama gets even better as the episodes progress – we see the chemistry developing into something more (although it was already pretty evident from the start). Kim JooWon and Gil RaIm snuggle up together twice within one episode!

So I probably didn’t catch ALL of the cute and sweet parts in Secret Garden but I think that you got the jist of it. And of course, I can’t leave out the blooper parts when the two leads couldn’t help but laugh – I find those parts the cutest of all.

For all of you who haven’t started this drama yet, I hope this convinced you to do so (: