My sister and I are currently watching a few dramas, so you guys can expect some posts about these dramas in the near future (hopefully if we have enough time to post about them).

1. Secret Garden – I’ve been posting about this drama like crazy so don’t be surprised if I continue to do so. Especially with the depressing events that are and will continue to happen..

2. Athena: Goddess of War – We haven’t quite posted about this one yet, but trust me, you’ll see the posts coming soon. I’ve already saved some pictures onto my computer to upload here and after seeing IRIS last year, Wannabefob and I have quite a few things to say. Also expect a comparison post when this drama is over.

3. Dream High – We just started it today. I had no intention of watching this drama just because of the sheer number of young singers participating in this. But Wannabefob had an urge to start because of miss A‘s Suzy so I put up with her and watched too. However, don’t expect any posts by me about this drama, unless it’s something extremely horrible and negative or good.

4. My Princess – By the looks of the teaser, it seems like this will be a nice and fun drama to watch. We’ll be starting this drama tomorrow! So if anything juicy happens, I’ll be sure to let you all in on it (;