Episode 17 of Secret Garden has already aired and from what I saw in the preview yesterday, I’m afraid of what will happen in this episode. I’ve already seen many comments about how the episode was sad; people were crying their eyes out from it. In addition, on the Secret Garden website, there was a flurry of comments from avid Secret Garden viewers. I’m guessing that all these sudden comments come from the events that occurred in the recent episode. When I first started watching this drama, I didn’t understand why ‘melodrama’ was listed as one of the genres. The drama started out as hilarious and it pretty much stayed that way for a while, with the occasional cute  moments. However, I guess we all knew that the whole body switching thing wasn’t all just for fun and games.. Well, on the bright side, at least there are 3 more episodes left, so there’s still a chance of a happy ending, which I would like to see.