This is my first post on Athena, but I actually wanted to write about this drama a while ago. Luckily, I finally found some time this week to get a post together and share my thoughts on the IRIS spin-off. This post doesn’t really compare IRIS to Athena, which I’ll be doing in another post, but it’s instead one of those ranting posts. So prepare yourself. [SPOILERS INCLUDED]

Other than the fact that Athena is sort of a sequel to IRIS (but not really), I started watching this drama after seeing the MVs for the OST songs. Those romantic scenes featured in the videos was certainly a reason for watching this drama – in fact, I think that the two leads of Athena look VERY good together.

Within the first few episodes of Athena, Lee JungWoo gets sent to Europe (forgot which part) on a mission. His partner ends up being Yoon HyeIn, the one person that Lee JungWoo didn’t expect to show up AND the one person that he was pleased to see too. During this secret mission, the two leads dress up and go to a party in order to get some intel from this one guy at the party. Yoon HyeIn dances with the guy and manages to get his a copy of his hand while Lee Jungwoo retrieves the intel. However, the security guards get wind of what’s going on and they try to catch JungWoo and  HyeIn. Luckily, HyeIn gets the car and drives it while JungWoo jumps from a bridge straight into his seat next to her and the two escape off.

That night, after they successfully escape, there’s a scene with JungWoo and HyeIn kissing passionately. I thought, ‘wow, THIS is fast‘. But then again, the romance in IRIS also progressed rapidly.

Too bad the kiss wasn’t real though..just like Nelly sings, it was only just a dream. Nobody kissed; it was just JungWoo’s imagination because of course, HE would like for that to happen.

So now I’m waiting for the real romance to start..but it’s gonna be harder than the romance in IRIS since this is, in a way, forbidden love.