TNmS Ratings (Nationwide/Seoul):  Episode 1 (11.3%/14.2%), Episode 2 (11.5%/13.9%)

Wannabefob: Produced by Bae Yongjoon and Park Jinyoung, I couldn’t help but feel a bit excited for Dream High.

Here the characters are introduced, with an emphasis on Go Hyemi, Yoon Baekhee, Jin Guk, and Song Samdong. Go Hyemi and Yoon Baekhee audition together to get into Kirin Arts High School, and while Go Hyemi is the talented one, Yoon Baekhee is accepted.

Go Hyemi and Yoon Baekhee audition together, and while Go Hyemi is supposed to be the star of the show, only Yoon Baekhee is accepted. Go Hyemi desperately needs to make money to pay back her father’s debts, so she kneels to the school director (?), but later claims that she just wanted to look at his nostrils.

The Kirin lucky pendant. It’s shown in the beginning of this drama as the top Korean star wins a Grammy award. The director gives it to Yoon Baekhee after her audition.

Meet the country bumpkin: Song Samdong. Song Samdong meets pretty city girl Go Hyemi. He falls for her at first sight and brings her up to the stage, but she has other plans.

These pilot episodes of Dream High (or at least the first episode) were deemed mediocre and awkward by Korean netizens, much due to the fact that the main cast is made up of idol singers. It was a bit interesting, but highly ehh. For most of the time when we were watching, Eunii was looking down and doing her own thing while I was looking for some homework to do. Nevertheless, I chose to watch this drama despite Eunii’s opposition, and it would be best if I wouldn’t have to take that back.