TNmS Ratings (Nationwide/Seoul): Episode 15 (23.0%/29.3%), Episode 16 (23.9%/29.9%)

The two switch bodies again but since they like each other now and it’s not the first time that this has happened, Kim Joowon and Gil Raim got things under control. A highlight in episode 15 was when Kim Joowon in Gil Raim’s body agreed to train and practice to go in place of the real Gil Raim for her Dark Blood audition.

In episode 16, Gil Raim kissed Kim Joowon on her bed (after the two return to their respective bodies). It made me “aww”. Another a highlight of the episode was definitely when Kim Joowon secretly got the audition guy to come to Korea and watch Gil Raim in action because she missed the audition. The last highlight for us in episode 16 was when Gil Raim put Kim JooWon on a string that lifted him, causing him to freak out and show his weak side. Cuteee :]