TNmS Ratings (Nationwide/Seoul): Episode 17 (23.8%/30.0%), Episode 18 (27.4%/34.1%)

Gil Raim agrees to break up with Kim Joowon after his mom tells her that she’ll strip him of his position of president over the department store. Reluctantly, Gil Raim gives him the cold shoulder and pushes him away, while the guy who’s oblivious of everything. During the meantime, Gil Raim wins a part in Dark Blood, thanks to Kim Joowon. But as she’s filming, she gets into a car accident and lands in the hospital with a coma.

Would you be willing to give up everything you have for the woman you love? Early in the drama, Kim Joowon said it was impossible. Now a changed person, Kim Joowon sacrifices himself for Gil Raim. He takes the unconscious Gil Raim from the hospital and drives with her into the rain, because once their bodies switch, she’ll be alive and well as Kim Joowon so that he’ll end up in the coma as Gil Raim.

Both are rushed into the hospital after Oska realizes what his cousin did. Gil Raim in Kim Joowon’s body cries for him after she wakes up, because in the same way, she would rather have herself lying in the hospital than Kim Joowon.

In one of the previous episodes, Ahyoung tells Gil Raim a dream with her, Kim Joowon, and an ahjusshi in it. Gil Raim and Kim Joowon both have this dream, and in it, the ahjusshi is Gil Raim’s dad. Gil Raim and Kim Joowon drink a potion/wine (?) so that they will never have the body switch when it rains again. Both are awake now, but yet another problem faces them. Kim Joowon only remembers what happened up to when he was 21.

However, not to fear. Despite his memory loss, Kim Joowon happens to remember Gil Raim’s name, and little by little, his love for her is rekindled and rediscovered. He can’t understand why he would like a girl like Gil Raim, but he finds himself attracted to her anyways.

Episodes 17 and 18 of Secret Garden were the most melodramatic. Girl breaks up with oblivious guy. Girl ends up in hospital. Guy sacrifices his life for the girl. Guy loses his memory. Luckily, it’s not one of those dramas where the guy starts to like another girl and dislikes the main girl. Moreover, Kim Joowon actually makes an effort to find out why he liked Gil Raim, and Gil Raim is happy with the fact that he’s alive instead of sulking because he doesn’t remember her.