TV ratings are like stocks, and I watch them. Sometimes, higher ratings will compel you to buy into the Korean drama, but it is just one factor that is taken into consideration. At the same time, it is not to be ignored, because if many people buy into the drama, that must mean that something about the drama is outstanding or special. If you’re already watching the drama, higher ratings mean that the next episode may be better than the previous one, and thus, you won’t drop/sell it.

Recently, Eunii and I have reached the (or a) peak in the amount of our drama watching. Maybe it’s because the writers/dramas out there are getting better. Or maybe there are lots of dramas with the  actors we like and more good looking actors are coming out at the same time. Whatever  it is, it has increased the amount of dramas we watch by a lot.

At first we started taking more interest in dramas as they were airing. And this has led to a whole new phase: watching a couple or dramas currently airing plus catching up on good old dramas, while creating a vicious new cycle of watching more and more every day. Actually, that crossed out statement is true.

These past few days, we’ve been watching two episodes (60~70 minutes each) a day, and sometimes addition episodes of High Kick Through the Roof. Originally, High Kick Through the Roof was supposed to be something we watched 1-2 episodes a day of since it’s a sitcom with each episode being ~22 minutes, but we watched up to 10 episodes a day of it during Winter Break (which you shouldn’t do!).

So yeah..that’s unhealthy. As good as Secret Garden is, we’re glad it’s ending soon because five dramas at a time is just too much.

Anyways, here’s what we both believe are the highlights of this “week” of our drama watching. This was originally supposed to be a mega post, but it soon became too much of a hassle scrolling up and down, so I broke it up into two-episode segments. I won’t mention Hick Kick Through the Roof since it’s a sitcom, and it aired a year ago. Also, since each episode in High Kick is different from the other ones, we don’t really remember specific parts in each episode we watched.

Below is our schedule (YY/MM/DD) and episode highlights/recaps/reviews (More links will be added as more episodes are recapped):

110107 (Fri): Secret Garden 15-16 + a couple episodes of High Kick Through the Roof

110108 (Sat): Dream High 1-2 + ~5 episodes of High Kick

110109 (Sun): My Princess 1-2

110110 (Mon): Secret Garden 17-18

110111 (Tues): Athena 7-8

110112 (Wed): Dream High 3-4 + 3 episodes of High Kick

110113 (Thurs): Princess 3 + 1 episode of High Kick [we were quite busy this day!]

110114 (Fri): Princess 4 + 2 episodes of High Kick

110115 (Sat): Athena 9-10

Note: The reason why we didn’t write anything about My Princess wasn’t because they weren’t good; they were probably some of the best episodes of the week, but there wasn’t really any highlights from them because many parts were quite equally good.