TNmS Ratings (Nationwide/Seoul): Episode 3 (11.7%/13.8%), Episode 18 (13.4%/15.4%)

Song Samdong falls for Go Hyemi’s charm even though she’s only interested in him because he waas recruited to go to Kirin Arts High School. And it turns out the cute bus scene was really short, and merely just a daydream. :/ It would’ve been sooooooo cute, though.

So the Wooyoung and IU (Jason and Kim Pilsook) couple is called the Milky couple…? In this episode, Kim Pilsook is embarrassed to get her school uniform since it’s an XXL, and Jason, knowing this, gets it for her. They make a cute couple with Kim Pilsook fawning over Jason’s nonchalant personality. The reason why I like but don’t like this couple is because you already know they’re going to be together. Can’t wait for Kim Pilsook to shed her fat. :)

Song Samdong challenges Jason to a singing battle to Lee Seungchul’s Last Concert show off his skills and say that he isn’t a country boy. He does well to the surprise of Go Hyemi who was fooled into thinking he couldn’t sing. However, he doesn’t know the song, so while Jason holds a really long note as Lee Seungchul does in the original song, he loses the duel. For an actor-turned-singer, he did pretty well. I also read that he became a JYP Trainee for three months to practice singing and dancing for Dream High.

In this episode Song Samdong transforms from a country boy into a cute city boy. He and Go Hyemi would’ve made a cute couple. <3

Dialogue from the ending scene of Dream High episode four:

Song Samdong: Apologize to Hyemi. In that case, I apologize for hitting you.

Jin Guk: What? you want me to apologize?

Song Samdong: Obviously. You made Hyemi a thief in front of everyone.

Jin Guk: It wasn’t to make her into a thief, but to get her to her senses. Didn’t she say before that those without talent wouldn’t be bothered by this pendant? That kind of thing isn’t her style.

Song Samdong: It’s not that she doesn’t have talent, but because of her father. When she was holding the pendant, her father called. If you saw how happy she was at the time, you wouldn’t be so heartless. Looking at how disheartened Hyemi is, does it make you happy? You might not know this, but while Hyemi seems cold-hearted on the outside, she is very fiesty* in the inside.

(siren goes off, Go Hyemi challenges Yoon Baekhee, saying that if she gets a higher midterm score than Yoon Baekhee, everyone should apologize for making fun of her)

Jin Guk: This is the real Go Hyemi.

The dialogue shows that Jin Guk understands Go Hyemi more than Song Samdong and will most likely end up with her.

*I got the translation from the video I was watching and I have no clue what that’s supposed to mean xD

**Note: I meant to include the fail slap (Yoon Baekhee to Go Hyemi) in this post, but I couldn’t find it on youtube. :(