Suzy = <3

In episode 3 of Dream High, Go Hyemi (played by miss A’s Suzy) goes to find Song Samdong (played by Kim Soohyun). He has a singing/talent competition, and brings Suzy up with him on stage. She agrees to put on his rice bag jacket (?) on to get on his good side, and has to stay at his place overnight because there aren’t anymore buses to Seoul.


In Episode 4, Go Hyemi and Yoon Baekhee get into a cat fight (with a fail slap), and Go Hyemi ends up with the lucky “K” pendant. That day, everything that happens seems to be good, and she attributes her luck to the pendant. However, she is deemed a thief by the other students at Kirin Arts High School, so at the end of the episode, she challenges Yoon Baekhee so that she may prove her innocence.


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