There’s only one way to describe episode 10 of Athena – scandalous. We have two passionate sleeping scenes with two different couples. It’s like whoa whoa whoaaaa there.

I did NOT expect all these inappropriate scenes to come in this episode. First, we have the evil Son Hyuk and Jaehee (who is still trying to get over her love for Jungwoo). She gets drunk and then when Son Hyuk drops her off at a hotel room and is about to leave, she clings onto him. Next thing you know, he’s kissing her and then they’re in the bed. In the end, it’s not like these two people like each other; it’s just that they’re both heartbroken from their one-sided love so they turn to each other in the end.

Next, we have the main couple – Jungwoo and Hyein. In Japan, they end up kissing outside the hotel room and then in the morning, they’re in bed together. I think that this scene was cuter, considering that I was waiting for something to happen between these two cuties.

However, one thing that irked me was the fact that in a past episode, we witnessed a cute love scene between Jungwoo and Jaehee when they were dating. They did all these cute things that made me kind of sad that they broke up in the end. And now we see Jungwoo and Hyein doing the same things; in a way, it makes their romance scene less significant and special.

Can a Korean drama get any more scandalous than this? Two bed scenes in one episode? For a Korean drama, I call that pretty bad. And not like bad but good. Just bad. In my opinion, having sex so casually is not right. But on the brighter side, at least we finally see Hyein showing some love to Jungwoo.