The Korean dramas of the Monday-Tuesday 21:55 time slot are going head to head, with no more than ~5% ratings separating them. While SBS’ Athena: Goddess of War started with ~20% viewership ratings, it declined with nearly each episode until it reached ratings of 10~15%. Both MBC’s Queen of Reversals and KBS’ Dream High started with viewership ratings of ~10%.

Because all three dramas are targeted at different audiences, this creates a good competitive atmosphere. Athena: Goddess of War attracts middle-aged to older men for its action, Queen of Reversals attracts middle-aged to older women, and Dream High attracts teenagers and younger people for its high school setting and the popular singers in them.

I personally think that Dream High has an edge on this drama competition because it kind of already has the fan base, following the steps of other teen dramas like Boys Over Flowers, You’re Beautiful, and God of Study. Teen dramas with young actors and idol singers are becoming a trend, especially for KBS. Boys Over Flowers, God of Study, and Dream High are all KBS dramas.

With this, more idol singers are becoming actors. While past idol group singers would wait until their group disbanded to become actors, idol singers are more recently taking on dramas and movies as solo activities, becoming singers-turned-actors soon after their singing debuts. In addition, this is bringing in a wave of younger actors. Only time will tell whether or not these idols-turned-actors can become as successful as the past generation.

Regardless, Dream High is probably the only teen drama that has truly captured my interest, possibly because of the actors and my peculiar taste. On the other hand, Dream High had a slight increase of viewership for its fifth episode, attracting 13.7% (up 0.3%) nationwide and 15.8% (up 0.4%) in Seoul. While these slight percentages of increase aren’t much, Dream High “won over” Queen of Reversals and Athena: Goddess of War.

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