Weekend drama Secret Garden has generated more than 20 billion won (~18 million USD) of revenue, becoming a great success.

A representative of Korea Broadcasting Advertising Corporation (KOBACO) reported on the 17th that Secret Garden’s 20 episodes have generated 8.2 billion won (~7 million USD) from advertisements.

Usually, 10% of broadcasting time for TV programs is left for advertisements, so out of the 80 minute time slot Secret Garden has, 8 minutes are used for advertisements. Thus, there are 32 15-second advertisement slots, and each advertisement slot of Secret Garden cost 12,855,000 won (~11,500 USD) so it generated 8.2 billion won in total (from 64 slots total for two days a week I believe).

Next, the Secret Garden OST featuring Hyun Bin’s That Man, and various songs by Sung Sikyung, Baek Jiyoung, and4Men sold 30,000 copies. Moreover, there was a Secret Garden concert on the 15th, and the 2,000 seats sold out in five minutes, generating 200 million won (~180,000 USD)

Furthermore, the mention of Alice in Wonderland and The Little Mermaid in Secret Garden prompted interest in the books. Alice in Wonderland sold 110,000 copies while The Little Mermaid sold 12,000 copies.

The last episode of Secret Garden which aired on the 16th reached a peak for Secret Garden with 35.2% viewers nationwide (AGB Nielsen Media).

Source: Newsen