There’s no doubt about the fact that the ‘Milk’ couple from teen drama Dream High is my favorite. It was the reason I started watching this drama and the reason that I’m still watching.

Sure, the love square between Jin Guk, Go Hyemi, Song Samdong, and Yoon Baekhee is also entertaining and it keeps me on my toes because I don’t know who will end up with who, but the Milk couple is the cutest. I love IU and Wooyoung is such a cutie (:

So to explain the meaning behind the name ‘Milk couple’. IU’s character Kim Pilsook and Wooyoung’s character Jason are paired together in this drama and have been nicknamed the Milk couple because in Korean, milk is 우유 (oo-yoo). Just like how in variety show We Got married, the couples (like Nichkhun and Victoria) are given a couple name based on their names. Nichkhun and Victoria are thus called Khuntoria, a mix of both of their names. So then with Wooyoung and IU, they’re called the milk couple because we have Woo (from Wooyoung) and U (from IU) combined. In other words, they’re the Woo-U couple. Hope that explains it for those of you that don’t get it.

Why do I like this couple so much? Because there’s the fat girl with a beautiful voice. Despite her talent, she’s treated like an outcast and a loser because of her large body size. And then we have the cool and nice Jason from America. When everyone treats Kim Pilsook rudely, he doesn’t ignore her and he even helps her out. But this doesn’t mean that he likes her quite yet. Of course, this will all change by the time we reach the end of this drama :]

I’ll be updating this post with more pictures of the adorable couple as the drama progresses. Enjoy(: