Omo! What just happened?! In the most recent episode of My Princess (episode 7), our main leads Park Haeyoung and Lee Seol lock lips! Pretty surprising if you ask me.

So I actually saw this picture before watching the episode and when I translated the article through Google translate, it said something about a drunk kiss. I assumed that both leads were drunk when they kissed – well I guess I was half right.

Lee Seol is drunk and the second picture is actually of her pulling Park Haeyoung in so that she could kiss his cheek. That was cute. Actually the whole drunk scene of Lee Seol and the sober Park Haeyoung was really cute, probably one of the cutest scenes in the entire drama. Anyways, back to the kiss. Afterward, Park Haeyoung tells Lee Seol to forget what he’s about to do – and then he kisses her.

Too bad she doesn’t remember it when she wakes up.