Finally, the moment I’ve been waiting for – the grand transformation of IU’s character Kim Pilsook!

In the most recent episode of Dream High, episode 8, Kim Pilsook loses a whopping 30 kg (about 66 pounds)! Why did she suddenly decide to lose weight? The answer is love.

In this episode, Kim Pilsook confesses to Jason, but he told her that he only saw her as a friend. Later, he overhears Leah Lee telling the entertainment company guy that the voice of her commercial is Kim Pilsook’s, but there’s no way that Kim Pilsook can debut because of her physical weight.

Jason then goes to Kim Pilsook and she asks him, “If I lost 30 kg in 200 days, would you like me more than a friend?” Thinking about what Leah Lee said earlier, he says “Yeah, if you lose that much weight, I might like you more than I already do [past the friend stage].” Thus, Jason becomes the one motivation for Pilsook as she works to lose weight.

She counts the days, following the diet set by a teacher that she seeks for help and jump-roping everyday. Finally, at the end of the 200 days, we see the results from Pilsook’s hard work.

Jason and the rest of the students who debuted return to the school and Jason is welcomed by a lollipop at his locker. Then Pilsook passes by and says “Long time no see.”

Can I just say that I LOVED this part?! I’m a huge sucker for transformation moments where people undergo makeovers – where someone goes from unnoticed to stunning in a matter of days. It makes me really happy to see characters like this – so in the end, Pilsook IS the heroine of a story. Now I’m only looking forward to the new advancements that will happen between the Milk couple (: