In episode 9 of Dream High, the tables get turned in many ways, probably the most significant one being that the students of the admission class (consisting of Go Hyemi, Song Samdong, and Kim Pilsook) dramatically improve their talent and skills, reaching the level of the group ‘K’ members (Yoon Baekhee, JinGuk, and Jason). However, in this post, I will NOT be talking about this change – I’ll be talking about the cute Milk Couple instead.

So how do the tables shift with the Milk Couple? Kim Pilsook goes from being the admirer to the one that’s being admired. After the dance competition, Jason goes to Kim Pilsook and tells her that they would’ve won if he got the solo part. Pilsook, however, tells him that he’s wrong, and that if he did the solo, they wouldn’t even win third place. Ouch. This doesn’t seem to take a toll on Jason though.

Surprisingly, Jason then says, “Before, I didn’t want to hurt my pride or anything, but weren’t you going to confess to me after 200 days?” He actually remembered..shows that he cares about Pilsook’s confession just as much as she did. In response to Jason’s question, Pilsook tells Jason that she never managed to complete her goal and finish the diet. She also tells him that he has no dreams and that her crush on him was a waste of her time. Double ouch. Pilsook continues, saying that she started the diet for him, but in the end, she was able to see her own dreams from it. Her eyes were opened to seeing how Jason really is, causing her to drop her crush on him.

Jason is stunned and angry by Pilsook’s remarks, retorting that she doesn’t even care about him, to which Pilsook calls herself a loyal fan of Jason but not someone that’s crushing on him anymore.

Seems like Jason’s the one that’s starting to like Pilsook now! This is exciting. Now he can see what it’s like to be after someone who doesn’t quite reciprocate his feelings.