In episodes 9 and 10, we finally see some progress between the two leads Park Haeyoung and Lee Seol. There are are a number of cute moments in these two episodes, but for me, the highlights here were the confessions that are indirectly and directly made.

In episode 9, Lee Seol goes to her mom’s pension, knocking on the door and asking for forgiveness. Little does she know that Park Haeyoung is inside her house, talking to her mom. So like old times, Lee Seol sits outside the house, talking about her life and what she’s going through. She specifically talks about a certain male that’s been on her mind:

I’m not going to cry. I made a decision to never cry now because a lot of people would be happy if they saw me cry. But mom, you know what’s funny? Out of all those people who have fun giving me a hard time, there’s one person that I’ve come to like. It’s funny right? How idiotic can I be? But the reason is, he really confuses me. He stabs me in the back all the time and abandons me. But then all of a sudden, he’s gentle like my dad. So when I’m in front of that person, my heart beats so fast. I don’t even run but it gets hard to breathe. But mom..that person said he’ll marry another woman. So even though I really hate him, I still don’t really hate him. I can’t hate him.

Awwwww…Park Haeyoung is touched (who wouldn’t be?) and we can see Lee Seol’s true feelings come out for the one that she once called her enemy.

In episode 10, Park Haeyoung protects Lee Seol and ends up even going against the President in order to do so. In an angry (maybe worried) tone, he tells Lee Seol about how much he sacrifices for her. He then goes into his room and then goes out, walking towards Lee Seol’s room. He knocks on the door impatiently, and when she finally opens it, he says, “Let me ask you just one thing. Can’t you not be the princess? Is it really something you’d rather die than give up? Can’t you just not be a princess…and live as my woman instead?” (This brought me back to episode 8, when Park Haeyoung said, “Do you want forgiveness? Do you want your family back? Then give up being a princess. If you give it all up, you can return…to your family…and to me.

This drama was honestly boring me a bit, but with such an intense moment between the two leads and Park Haeyoung’s confession ending the episode, I can’t help but look forward to what will happen next. We’re finally seeing some progress (: