Love makes people change for the better, and this is no different with evil people like Yoon Hyein. In my opinion, it was about time that Yoon Hyein changed from bad to good. This cold-hearted woman finally gets a heart, and all because of love. Yup, love is indeed very powerful, turning the most evil of people into the most kindhearted ones.

Yoon Hyein’s change doesn’t suddenly come in one swift moment or one episode. It has instead evolved through many of the recent episodes, which is more realistic since change doesn’t automatically happen.

After Yoon Hyein realizes how much she loves Lee Jungwoo, she strives to change herself. She becomes ashamed of her previous deeds, whereas in the past, she had no guilt. She experiences remorse and wishes that she could turn time back. Her desire to change even makes her go against Son Hyuk’s orders and beg him to let her go. She begs him to let her go and to also leave Athena while it’s not too late. Too bad he has a colder heart than she does.

Because of love, Yoon Hyein starts confessing everything to everyone without holding anything in. When being interrogated, she doesn’t defend Athena but instead shares what she knows. In addition, this girl doesn’t try to get away from her punishment. In everything she does, she is sincere and doesn’t have any ulterior motives. Gotta love her for that.

I like it when bad people become good. Isn’t that what every drama’s about? And isn’t that what life is about too? Or isn’t that what life should be about?  People changing for the better?