My favorite Dream High couple is at it again! Although episodes ten and eleven focused more on some of the other characters (most notably Go Hyemi and Song Samdong), the much loved Milk couple still got some screen-time together. Despite the little time they had, I found great enjoyment in their cute moments (:

In episode 10, Jason is led to believe that Kim Pilsook has Hepatitis B, so he rushes to Korea to see her. Turns out that Go Hyemi purposely lied to him so that he would worry and rush to Pilsook. Once Jason sees that Pilsook is okay, he gets mad and walks away, but then she suddenly faints. Later, when she wakes up, Pilsook asks Jason about why he’s there. Jason starts off saying something meaningful and sincere, but then he ruins it by being a wimp and instead saying, “I came to listen to your singing. You know I like it when you sing!” leaving Pilsook disappointed. Wow Jason. You fail.

In episode 11, however, Jason mans up a bit. He decides to work hard at school and takes Pilsook’s advice to actually have a dream. He aces his Japanese test and proudly tapes it to Pilsook’s locker, making her proud and happy. He also wears some nerdy glasses to emphasize his change. Cute. When he sees Pilsook struggling to pretend to be Samdong during attendance, he comes to the rescue. And finally, the Milk couple goes to the movie together. I’d call this a date, but Jason just calls this a learning experience so that the two can get inspiration to write a song for their composition class. Awww.. excuses, excuses. Jason, I know you wanted to go on a date with Pilsook!

Looking forward to more of this couple next week! :]