That’s right. She’s so bad~ bad but she’s so good~ good. And when I say bad, I mean it.

Yoon Hyein, the female protagonist in SBS action series Athena: Goddess of War played by Soo Ae, is a well-trained merciless assassin. She can make anyone- anyone fall to the ground in seconds without even blinking an eye. She kills with a straight face, without even thinking. How could you be so heartless? No compassion, no remorse. But…how?

In her first appearance (correct me if I’m wrong) in Athena, Yoon Hyein leaves a guy lying on the floor and spouting blood, and she does it all in a miniskirt. She kills a guy in a miniskirt. =O I was kind of shocked. I mean, she looks like a regular person, but this first scene already shows that Yoon Hyein is not your typical girl.

Even though this whole scene above was merely a figment of Lee Jungwoo’s imagination, look at her. Not only is she elegant and beautiful in that dress, but look at her with that gun. Yoon Hyein + gun = perfect match. She so quickly transforms from a woman (in a dress at a dance!) with a killer smile to a bad, really bad, assassin. Whoa. Yoon Hyein may seem drop-dead gorgeous in a dress, but her shot is drop-dead lethal.

Cool. Chic. Beautiful. Perfect. Killer. Yoon Hyein <3 멋지다. 아름답다.완벽한.

Her beauty gathers attention and love from the people around her- Son Hyuk, Lee Jungwoo, and even me. Her skill matches that of Lee Jungwoo; in fact, her skill outshines that of Lee Jungwoo.

Look at her with that gigantic gun. She looks so innocent with those big round eyes. But man, she was able to take control of it and make it her own. No joke. She totally pulled it off.

Screen caps from episodes 1-2 and official SBS photos.