Yoon Hyein is so flawless and amazing that Lee Jungwoo can’t even take his eyes off her when he’s supposed to be saving the president’s only daughter. She isn’t even afraid of the blood that gets splattered onto her neck. Fierce. Furthermore, Lee Jungwoo’s so enchanted under her spell that she has to throw a hatchet (or some kind of weapon) at the guy behind him to save Lee Jungwoo. Look at her perfect aim and skill. Even her hair looks cool when she throws it. And when Lee Jungwoo tries to save the president’s daughter when she has a gun to her head, Yoon Hyein takes care of the job. High ahead, she has a really big gun and boom. It’s over and the girl is safe. *Jaw drop* She’s better than Lee Jungwoo himself and he becomes more infatuated with her. Here’s another set of screen caps:

Later, she tells him, I have so many masks that I don’t even remember which one is the real me. But he’s so blinded by love that he doesn’t get the true meaning of that big hint. At least not yet.

Compassion. Son Hyuk said it was deadly for people on their field. Once you actually remember that you’re killing a person that probably has a family, you can’t kill. You think about your friends and family, and you have mercy on that person because you wouldn’t want to be in his place.

She kills security guards in NTS to get the things she wants while destroying all the evidence. Lee Jungwoo and Yoon Hyein go to one of the guard’s funeral and she sees his weeping child. So Yoon Hyein does have some kind of heart. She can’t help but think about  how she felt when her parents died in an LA riot. And here, Yoon Hyein’s heart begins to thaw.

Here’s a bonus set of screen caps that better summarizes her blood splattering scene:

Screen caps from episodes 5-6.